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Minority Business Council

The Minority Business Council of Jefferson City, although affiliated with the Chamber, will require numerous public and private sector partners in order to succeed.  There will be no requirement that a participating company or nonprofit organization be a Chamber member. The Minority Business Council will be self-governed by its own membership, including the selection of leadership within the group and the establishment of programs to accomplish their mission.

Mission: is to help minority businesses grow and prosper.

Purpose: to help minority businesses certify, help to develop strategic plans, connect to available resources, educate to empower, and advocate for opportunities for them to grow and prosper.

The members of a Minority Business Council will ultimately establish its own priorities, but it’s anticipated that programming could include:

  • Dynamic business educational sessions,
  • Networking events and connections to resources,
  • Access to capital and competitive funding opportunities, and
  • Mentoring programs.

We want to thank the following Task Force members who helped us develop this concept: Stallone Watson, Crazy Fry’s; Spencer Hoogveld, Smart Move Property Management; Greg Butler, Butler Marketing Group; Richard Cross, Lincoln University/Author; Alicia Edwards, Building Community Bridges; Lauren Carter, SBDC at Lincoln University; Jose Ramos, J.C. Ramos - Nivel Up Services; Julie Allen, NAACP; and Gerardo Cornejo, Downtown Realty.

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