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Mentors - Making a Difference!

The Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce partners with the Jefferson City Public Schools JC Champions program.

Give a little time, get a lot in return...

It takes as little as a few minutes a week to make a huge difference in the life of a child.  Mentoring helps keep kids off drugs, out of gangs and in school so they can fulfill their dreams.  The best part is you'll not only see what it does for them; you'll feel what it does for you.

What is School-Based Mentoring?

School-Based Mentoring is a structured program that takes place only druing the school day in 20 to 40 minute sessions.  The program helps to assist in the building of a trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragemtn aimed at developing the confidence and character of the mentee.

A mentor is an adult who, along with parents, provides a young person with support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and constructive example.

Mentors are good listerners, people who care, people who want to help young people bring out strengths that are already there.

A mentor is not a foster parent, doctor, social worker, disciplinarian, tutor, cool peer or ATM.

To join the JC Champion program contact; Gara Loskill 573.659.3488 gara.loskill@jcschools.us or Kurt Hafley 573.659.3234 kurt.hafley@jcschools.us.




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