Types of Degree

Lincoln University

The Computer Information Systems curriculum is geared towards preparing students to have the skills, the competencies and the knowledge to use computer information systems; pursue professional careers in computer-based information systems and systems analysis; and become business programmers. Thus the curriculum is designed for computer programming and user-oriented applications and systems analysis.

Upon completion of the programs offered in Computer Information Systems, students
will be able to:


1.  Demonstrate skills, competencies, and knowledge to develop and use computer information systems in the work place;

2.  Pursue professional careers and/or acquire the additional skills for attaining upward mobility in their current employment positions;

3.  Seek careers in Computer-based Information Systems and Systems Analysis;

4.  Become business as well as scientific programmers;

5.  Demonstrate an understanding of the latest techniques, systems and operations currently in use in the work place;

6.  Compete favorably with other students completing similar programs in the nation.

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems including one emphasis area:

 Area I:      Application Development

 Area II:     Object Oriented and Client Server Systems

 Area III:    End User Systems and Support

 Area IV:    Networking

 Area V:     Web Development


State Technical College of Missouri 

Computer programmers apply methods and procedures used in designing, writing, and troubleshooting computer programs that enable organizations to accomplish their work more efficiently and effectively. Students are trained on both personal computer and AS400 platforms. The program at STC offers two options and advanced course topics in which students can specialize. Graduates of the program will have the technical competencies required to be productive in programming positions using multiple programming languages including web design languages. Students are also exposed to networking concepts.

Degrees Offered: 
Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Programming - General option
Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Programming - Web Design option








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