Partners in Education Youth Leadership

Congratulations to the Partners in Education Outstanding Youth Leadership Award Recipients

The Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce presented Outstanding Youth Leadership Awards to 38 students from area schools. This award was created to recognize students who display leadership qualities every day – qualities like honesty, integrity, dependability, respectfulness, and compassion.

Representatives from their Chamber business partners made the award presentations to the students.  Recipients received a certificate, a medallion, and a cash prize. 

Congratulations to these outstanding award recipients:

Student                                                School

Eric Ayala                                            Belair Elementary

Max Dixon                                          Blair Oaks Elementary

Payton Bohl                                       Blair Oaks High School

Erin Fennewald                                 Blair Oaks High School

Natalie Otto                                       Blair Oaks High School

Kati Schoeneberg                            Blair Oaks High School

Laycee Jeffries                                 Callaway Hills Elementary School

Syndey Duenckel                             Calvary Lutheran High School

Emma Homfeldt                              Calvary Lutheran High School

Baileigh Morris                                  Calvary Lutheran High School

Emmanuel Ramos                           Cedar Hill Elementary

Emma Brown                                    East Elementary

Christianna Knight                          Jefferson City Academic Center

Gavin Luebbert                                 Jefferson City Academic Center

Gannan Mossor                                 Jefferson City Academic Center

Angelina Purvis                                 Jefferson City Academic Center

Lauren Hoxworth                              Jefferson City High School

Laurine Shoki                                     Jefferson City High School

Lilie Phillips                                        Jefferson City High School

Riley Nelson                                       Lawson Elementary

Imran Din-Gabisi                              Lewis & Clark Middle School

Avnith Kumar                                    Lewis & Clark Middle School

Neel Patel                                           Lewis & Clark Middle School

Ashley York                                         Lewis & Clark Middle School

Paris McCombs                                 Moreau Heights Elementary

Ryu Taggart                                       Nichols Career Center

Katie Daehnick                                  Pioneer Trail Elementary

Lisa Smith                                           River Oak Christian Academy

Sandhiya Basker                                Simonsen 9th Grade Center

Abhinav Pula                                     South Elementary

Mason Riggs                                      Special Learning Center

Landon Brenneke                             St. Francis Xavier School

Abbie Cooper                                     St. Martin School

Marli Goodman                                  Thorpe Gordon Elementary

Emma Anderson                                Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Lucas Cole                                            Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Olivia Kucsik                                        Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Ak-Cleah Luellen                                West Elementary


Thank you to our Sponsors

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