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Survey respondents offer feedback
Results of legislative issues survey
Published: Sunday, April 13, 2014 6:30 pm
By: Mark Mehmert

Last month, we asked Chamber Today readers, our members and the general public for feedback on the same four questions asked of our local state legislators.  The results are in!  This online survey was conducted over an eight day period in March 2014. The survey link was published in Chamber Today, on our webpage at and was posted on the Chamber's Facebook page.

Legislative Issues Survey
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In addition to the four questions, we also asked if respondents were Chamber members in order to determine if Chamber members' opinions differed substantially from non-Chamber members.  Please note that totals may not add up to 100% due to rounding.  Graphs and the full results of the survey can be found at our website, 

Question 1 asked if the respondent supported the governor's proposal to provide a 3% across-the-board increase in pay for state employees.  Nearly 81% of all respondents endorsed the proposed pay raise for state government employees.  Only 7% indicated they did not favor the proposed pay increase, and 12% were undecided.   Chamber members' responses to this question closely mirrored all respondents, with nearly 79% endorsing the proposal.

Question 2 asked if respondents supported SJR 48, which would ask voters to weigh in on a 1% increase in the state sales tax (which would sunset after 10 years) to be used exclusively for transportation.  On this question, Chamber members and all respondents were in sync, with 69% of each group endorsing the idea of sending the measure to voters. 

Question 3 asked for respondent's opinions on the Governor's proposal to purchase and build out the soon-to-be-vacated St. Mary's hospital for a variety of uses, including an expansion of Lincoln University's nursing program and the establishment of a culinary arts program.  Over 80% of respondents endorsed the proposal.   Chamber members were slightly more likely to see the project in a positive light, with 82% giving a thumbs-up to the idea.  This proposal had the least percentage of those who answered "undecided", at approximately 8%. 

Finally, Question 4 asked about a new state mental hospital in Fulton.  Both Chamber and non-Chamber respondents endorsed the proposal to build the new hospital in Fulton.  Over 80% indicated they supported the project, 9% indicated opposition and 11% were undecided. 

Overall, the survey results indicated most respondents endorsed the proposals about which they were asked, and Chamber members' opinions were very similar to respondents who were not Chamber members.  We will continue to ask for your thoughts on issues important to our area, thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.  Your feedback important to us!


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