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Retention is more than an intention
Published: Monday, October 15, 2018
By: Jason Cecil

Anyone can join an organization if they have time or money to spare. However, those that benefit the most have involved themselves on another level. They see the importance in the organization’s mission to a degree that compels them to be involved. The Chamber is truly blessed to have so many individuals across many committees that volunteer their time and resources to champion for the Chamber.

The Chamber’s Retention Team has volunteered their time to recruit and retain members. They have spent time educating themselves on the many services the Chamber offers so that they can tailor new and existing memberships to each business specifically. The following individuals are passionate about the Chamber mission and have graciously volunteered themselves to that mission;

Matthew Amick
Dot Baker
Amy Berendzen
Tyler Brown
Sharon Campbell
Jason Cecil
D’Arcy Crane
Karen Enloe
Bob Fennewald
Bob Gilbert
Nancy Gratz
Dave Griffith
Angela Hake
Nathan Hays
Stan Idel
Linda Landon
Stephanie Lehman
Linda McAnany
Alan Mudd
Bill Plank
Chris Salter
Chad Stieferman

The Chamber has so much to offer its members. The needs of every business are unique and the Chamber has benefits to suit nearly every need imaginable. Navigating all of those options as a new member can be overwhelming at first. Rather than take a cookie-cutter approach, we have made the onboarding of new members very personal and individualized so that they receive as much value as possible as quickly as possible.

The Retention Team designed a new member “DNA Map”, unique to each member, which acts as a checklist and a timeline and provides guidance to new members. To cater to the specific needs and expectations of each member, they will be matched with a Retention Team member to determine appropriate events or other to-dos to add to the DNA Map to keep them involved past the initial join date. For example, some businesses enjoy being involved in networking events while others do not have the time and would rather promote their business on the chamber website or social media page. The Retention Team members have a knowledge of all programs, events & services that thec offers and will better be able to match that member with things that will interest them.

Your success is our success. The Retention Team is dedicated to serving new and existing chamber members and make getting involved a tangible goal they can reach with ease. If you are interested in joining the retention team please contact Kelsey Brown at the Chamber at 573-638-3588.

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