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Increasing our community “self-esteem”
Published: Monday, May 20, 2019
By: David Minton, 2019 Chamber Chairman

We’ve all done it, say to the person next to you; “why don’t they put a stop sign there?”, “when are we getting an Olive Garden?” or “there’s nothing to do in Jefferson City.” We all have a long list of “wants” for Jefferson City. But how much more fun would it be to change those comments to “I advocated for a stop sign to be put in there” or “according to the retail attraction survey, Olive Garden was determined to be one of the most wanted restaurants in our community.”  Underneath each of our suggestions for change, there is an underlying passion and I’m glad to tell you that your mere suggestions are where the powerful movement of “change” begins. The minds and ideas of people are the greatest resource a community has.

The first step in creating tangible change is taking ownership in the community. People are often discouraged to “get their hands dirty” due to a lack of knowledge of the processes required to get the job done. However, everyone has to start somewhere. Identifying an organization or committee that can be the tool for change is a great way to begin to understand what is required. Being involved with the decision-makers will quickly put your goals at arms-length. You have the power to produce long-term results for a short-term effort on your part. Sometimes someone simply has to “get the ball rolling.”

Henry Ford best articulates my next point; “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” As a community, we must be open to change and be willing to consistently evolve to better serve our needs. Sure, its easier to stay in our comfort zone but in being satisfied with complacency we are actually losing ground. I am so proud to live in a community that has already accomplished so much positive change and hope to inspire each and every household to be part of our future.

Our job is never really complete. As we all, personally and professionally, need to be constantly re-evaluating what we do well and what we can improve upon, consistently embracing our past and using it to guide to our future. I encourage anyone reading this to voice their ideas as they emerge. I’m sure every monumental accomplishment was started with someone who said: “I have a crazy idea.”

The collective thoughts of a community’s success all contribute to “community self-esteem.”  As changes are made with the completion of small and large projects, the community observes that passion that started it all. We recognize the internal strength of our community and are working to nurture and facilitate the development of community self-esteem. We want those in the community to realize the power they have to bring their ideas to fruition and take ownership in the future of our community.


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