What are benefits of offering an internship?

  • Gain enthusiastic and motivated workers
  • Receive assistance with special projects
  • Gain a fresh perspective on current projects or procedures
  • Develop supervisory skills of staff
  • Access students with special skills and knowledge
  • Develop your own pool of potential employees and reduce recruiting costs

How do I find an intern?
There are two ways to find a suitable candidate for your internship:

  1. Submit an Opening - Filling out this form in no way obligates you to employ an intern. The Chamber will compile the information on internships received from employers and distribute to colleges and universities and students (through career offices, career fairs and via the internet). Students interested in your internship should submit their resumes to you. Contact any students you are interested in employing as an intern and follow your normal hiring procedures.
  2. Request a copy of the “Resume File” from the Chamber. Students may have submitted a resume to the “Resume File” and not contacted you directly. If you are still searching for the right candidate, you might find an intern through this method.

How do I get my intern involved in Jeff City START?
Register your intern with Jeff City START so your intern can get more information about programs for interns and upcoming community events.

Who usually participates in Jeff City START?
Jeff City START program is available to all college, graduate, and law school interns or clerks.   Approximately 50-75 interns participate each year.  Less than half of the participants are originally from JCMO.  Interns come from nearly all public & private institutions in the state, and 10+ generally attend out of state schools.  Students study a wide array of fields including: accounting, architecture, business, computer science, economics, education, engineering, history, journalism, law, political science, public affairs music, nursing, physical therapy and more.

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