Student Requirements

The CMIC program offers students the opportunity to complete their degree in an accelerated format and gain on-the-job training in the information technology sector.  Students accepted into this program are provided internship opportunities where they can establish a relationship with an employer that can lead to permanent employment after graduation.  CMIC training funds and salary earned through internships may cover most if not all of the cost for a student’s college education. 

The application process for this project will include completing:

  • CMIC application form
  • Applicable transcripts (High school, GED, Home school, Other colleges/universities)
  • Test Scores (ACT, COMPASS, etc.)
  • LMI verification statement and submit a copy of their IRS 1040 tax return for the previous tax year.
  • Short essay addressing what you envision as your information technology career.  You may indicate more than one field of interest in computer science.  The following questions should also be addressed:

      • Why do you want to enter the IT field?
      • What kind of career are you looking for?
      • What kind of experience do you have in IT?

        The format for the essay should be 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins, single
        spaced, one full page.

  • Three letters of recommendation on the business/organization’s letterhead.  One letter must be from a representative of the student's school and two from business/professional sources.
  • Admissions process for their selected college/university (STC or LU).

A committee comprised of the partnership members will be charged with the task of reviewing CMIC applications, interviewing and selecting students for acceptance in this program using the criteria identified above and assuring that the LMI goal is met or exceeded.   The application and interview will assess a student in the following areas:  analytical and problem solving skills, aptitude for learning new technologies, past academic performance, ability to work in a team environment, mature judgment and professional skills.

Students will be accepted into the program on/before July 15 for the subsequent fall semester and on/before December 15 for the following spring semester. Students will not be accepted to start in the summer semester.  All students accepted into the program are expected to complete the program.  Students are required to attend monthly professional development training sessions provided by CMIC.  One hour of college credit will be awarded by LU for their participation in these sessions. 

Students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher throughout participation in the program.  Course grades of D and F are not eligible for training funds.  Students who fail a course must retake the course at their own expense.  In addition, they are required to complete the CMIC intervention process to return to good academic standing in CMIC.

CMIC students will meet three times per semester (fall and spring) to develop and enhance professional skills such as communication, presentation, writing, best practices and team building exercises.   In addition, there will be an informal exchange of information and experiences between students and partners broadening their exposure to business models, best practices and career exploration.  An optional one hour of college credit will be awarded by LU upon successful completion of this course.

Students selected to participate in this program will be required to complete a student contract identifying their rights and responsibilities.   In addition, students must comply with admission requirements of the higher education institution (LU and/or STC). Counselors and academic discipline advisors will work with the student to develop an educational plan outlining their path for completing their degree. 

If you have a disability, which requires special accommodations, reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your needs.  Upon enrollment at either LU or STC, please contact their Disability Office for assistance.

  • LU Disability Office:  (573) 681-5162
  • STC Counseling Services:  (573) 897-5110





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