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Working to make sure the businesses in Jefferson City have what they need to be successful, the Chamber of Commerce hired Shaun Sappenfield, Existing Business Manager.

Whether it is details pertaining to potential expansion or having zoning questions, the Chamber is here to help. Contact Shaun Sappenfield at 573-638-3586.



Unilever and Alpla Story

Unilever and Alpla have a long standing relationship globally, so it didn't take much to realize there would be a strong financial and business benefit to locating the two operations in the same community.  Unilever-Jefferson City is a large producer of personal care liquids.  Alpla is a worldwide leading company in plastics processing and a primary supplier of bottles for Unilever products at the Jefferson City plant.

When Austria-based Alpla decided to make a move into the United States, they were looking for an opportunity to capitalize on those customer relationships.

"It's a great advantage being close in proximity to our customer because we can develop relationships with them, and when they have a question or concern, we can dispatch someone over there within minutes," says David Acree, local plant manager at Alpla.  "When we started looking at this area, the Jefferson City Area Chamber, the city, the county, and the school board came through, and they were very willing to work with us.  It definitely made it worth Alpla's while to come to Jefferson City."

"Alpla is a fantastic company, and I view our companies as one seemless operation under two roofs," says Dennis Myers, plant manager at Unilever-Jefferson City.  "When we realized there would be a strong benefit to have Alpla near our operation, the city and the chamber got involved and quickly worked out some very good business incentives, resulting in a very sound decision to have Alpla near site.  It was a win-win situation for everyone."

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